James Monroe

Gabriela Sucre

Biography Before Becoming President:

James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758, in a wooded area of ​​Westmoreland County, Virginia. The site is marked and is one mile from what is now known as Monroe Hall, Virginia. He was son of Spence Monroe (1719-1774) and Vanessa Jones Monroe, from a lower class family, who were married in 1752. His paternal great-grandfather emigrated to America from Scotland in the seventeenth century. Monroe was born in the womb the April 28, 1758 and was educated at Campbelltown Academy, governed by Reverend Archibald Campbell of Washington Parish, between 11 and 16 school. In 1774 he continued his studies at the College of William & Mary, also in Virginia, although he left to join the Continental Army. Between 1780 and 1783, prosigió he studied law with Thomas Jefferson. He served with distinction in the Battle of Trenton, where he was shot in his left shoulder. After his service weapon in the war, he practiced law in the city of Fredericksburg, a major state of Virginia. It was during this period that he married young Elizabeth Kortright on February 16, 1786 in New York.

What did he do as the President?

By a conciliatory policy, Monroe launched the so-called Era of Good Feelings, for which he said the internal political unity of the country and wiped harmful centrifugal forces fueled by Republicans and Federalists. With Monroe, the young nation surpassed the critical phase of independence to become aware of themselves and stay out of European policy. Monroe knew how one channel to benefit the country's different political views, which gave a positive and nationalistic, with resounding success, so much so that in the elections of 1820 the Electoral College was forced to introduce an opponent , the future President John Quincy Adams, to prevent Monroe equaled the record of George Washington, elected and re-elected unanimously. to carry out its policy of union, Monroe was surrounded by the three most important men of the moment: John Quincy Adams, as Secretary of State; William Crawford, head of the secretariat of the Treasury; and John Calhoun as Secretary of War.

5 interesting facts about James Monroe.

  • In 1782 he was appointed member of the Assembly of Virginia.
  • George Washington named him minister plenipotentiary to France in 1794.
  • In 1799 Monroe was Elected governor of Virginia, acting decisively in an Attempted rebellion by many slaves of the state. In the year 1803.
  • in 1814, he was appointed secretary of war.
  • In 1816 he was elected by the Republican convention candidate for the presidential elections.