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Week 3

Upcoming Events

September 10th - Grandparents Breakfast 6:45am

September 10th - Parent Orientation 5 - 7pm (See flier below)

September 10th - Room Parent Meeting 7pm

September 11th - Dinobeat Recognizing K-2

September 18th - Fall Pictures

September 18th - PTA Movie Night 6 - 8pm

September 25th - Celebrate Reading Day

September 30th - Spirit Night at Chilis

Parent Orientation - The Art of Being a Dodd Student

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Multiplication Facts

I sent home links for this week, however, I did not know they had to go through their addition and subtraction facts first. (Thank you to the students in Mrs. Lambert's homeroom for educating me on Xtramath!) I am attaching a link for a LiveBinder that has other places students can go to practice. If you know of another game that your student loves, please let me know, and I will add it to the list.

Math Homework

I will be putting labels in the front of your students' planners next week with their login information for Think Central (our textbook) and Think Through Math. For the most part, I will be asking students to complete online lessons or do Think Through Math practice as homework. I will let students know when I have assigned a textbook lesson. I will try to assign homework on Mondays and have it due on Fridays, so they will have plenty of time to work on it. If your student does not have access to a computer or a tablet at home, please let me know, and I can try to arrange some other type of homework. If they make below an 85 on the multiplication test, they need to be studying their facts as well.


Unit 1: Matter

This week, our focus is on whether something is or is not matter. We are asking the question, "Does it have mass?" and "Does it take up space?" We are beginning to use graduated cylinders to find volume of irregular figures and triple beam balances to measure mass. Students will be participating in a lab rotation where they get to practice these skills.

Video of the Week

We had an impromptu science experiment during recess this week. Jeremiah knew that Mentos reacted with coke, but he wanted to know if the reaction changed with different types of soda. So, he brought the materials in, and we discovered that the type of soda does in fact change the reaction. Side note: After I stopped recording the Mountain Dew bottle started spewing all over the place. It had a delayed reaction. His conclusion: The more carbonation in the soda, the bigger the reaction. Enjoy!
Mentos and Soda Reactions

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