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Success Stories 2015

Winegard Elementary School

A first grade teacher at Winegard writes: “My class has been using My-On to incorporate more non-fiction reading. We choose a story that coincides with a weekly topic. We read the book as a class several times during the week, and everyone is able to take an AR test on the book. It has been a great motivator for my struggling readers to be exposed to challenging texts, but with the support they need.”

Tangelo Park Elementary School

Let me introduce you to this guy man . He recently arrived in one of our second grade classrooms from Russia speaking no English. One of his favorite things to do is sign in to myON Reader. Since he is unfamiliar with American culture, history, and even the English language, he sees myON Reader as a way to familiarize himself with all three at the same time. Every chance he gets he is reading books on myON Reader because it has a read-to option that highlights each word as it is read. myON Reader combined with other programs he is using is helping this Tangelo Park Tiger to learn to speak the English language and improve his vocabulary. Using the read-to option with the pictures allows him to comprehend the text. As his ability to comprehend improves, he is asking for other books to read on the topics that are introduced to him by myON Reader. As his English fluency is improving reading books on myON Reader is influencing his pronunciation and willingness to communicate. myON Reader has had a major impact on this young man's reading and his school life.

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Lee Middle School 7th Graders Engaged on myON

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Cherokee School Success Stories!

We are Deven and Logan from Cherokee School!

Deven is a frequent user of myON Reader and has taken off this new year by already reading 12 books! His favorite series is the Mighty, Mighty Monsters because of the comics and the variety of voices he hears via the program. At the pace he is reading, hopefully, the author will continue to add books to the series. His current Lexile level is 150. His teacher knows that his level will only continue to increase the more he utilizes myON Reader.

Logan read his first book on myON Reader today and scored a 100% on the A.R. quiz! We are looking forward to his continued growth as a reader

Thank you, Florida United Way for providing Cherokee School with such a motivational and fun program for our young readers!