Alpaca my bags and move in with you

Layan Suleiman

Hi! My name is Myrna and um....i'm not very smart. I know i have fur, and i think i'm hot-blooded, i mean at least i look hot-blooded. um... I watched my mother give birth to my brother so i guess i can do that too. I've never been a mother but i'm pretty sure i'm supposed to feed my kids from my own milk. I have four legs cause like I need to walk.

You are cold-blooded, and have legs, i hope, maybe. You have skin, dry and scaly fish skin. I like a reptile who has legs and wont mind if i'm like 12 feet taller than them. but i mean if that's not what reptiles are interested in these days, that's fine, but don't come crying to me when the alpacalypse is here.