RMS STUDIO ART ELECTIVES / Instructors: Mrs. Brown / Email Addresses:

Who should take Visual Art as an Elective?

Any student that is genuinely interested in learning about art, famous artists, and foreign cultures AND has the desire and work ethic to learn more about the processes and mediums used to create artworks. Students do not have to be “good” at art to take this class; however, Students should realize that learning and creating art can be a FUN process BUT that it does require one to work hard during class time in order to be successful. (This elective i s not to be considered a “blow off” class) It is our goal at RMS to build up a strong foundation for those students wanting to pursue their art education further at the high school level. We promise to provide each student a solid and successful visual arts interest in the arts so that our students become life long learners.

6thGrade Beginning Art Course Description:

Beginning Art is a year long course designed to introduce students to the techniques used in making art, as well as the significance of art in the past and the present. Students will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of artistic media, (e.g. drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor, clay, paper mache, collage, etc.) while creating individual art projects. A strong emphasis will be placed on multicultural art and art history. Students will be expected to know, understand and utilize art vocabulary as it relates to the elements of art and principles of design.

6thGrade Beginning Art Course Outline:

Projects: Students will be required to complete various art projects utilizing a variety of media to create a work of art. A significant amount of class time will be utilized in order to allow adequate time to complete the art assignments.

Homework: Will be required periodically, but not daily. Most of the work will be completed during class time. HOWEVER, students will be assigned homework when necessary and responsible for completing it by the set due date assigned. Absences from class may also require you to bring work home to complete instead of using class time.

Year at a glance:

  • 1st 6 Weeks: Line & Value
  • 2nd 6 Weeks: Shape & Pattern
  • 3rd 6 Weeks: Color & Space
  • 4th 6 Weeks: Balance & Proportion
  • 5th 6 Weeks: Form & Texture
  • 6th 6 Weeks: Emphasis & Variety

Grading Procedures:Students will have Major Project Grades, Minor Project Grades, and Daily Grades. Major projects will count the most and must be completed in order to pass the course throughout the school year. The highest grade late work can receive is a 70%.

Art Supply Fee: Students are required to pay a $15.00 art supply fee. This fee is used to provide you with a variety of art materials to use throughout the school year. It will be collected during the first few weeks of school and can be paid either by CASH or CHECK (Ridgeview MS) to your teacher during class.

  • -1” White or Black 3 ring binder
  • - Pencils