News On Women Contributions & Roles

Talks about the roles played and contributions done by women

Women Today

From the 1700s, to the 1800s, to present day, women are beginning to contribute more and more in events and have been playing more roles in our country due to women having equal rights nowadays. Not only do women care for family and their home by cooking, cleaning, laundrying, and drying, but they also have jobs and a career. Women these days have more freedom too by being able to not be married and still be well respected people and just as equal as men.

Contributions Made By Women Today

Women have been making many contributions these days. They are able to invent many objects and have been contributing in many clubs for different reasons. Women are raising money for fundraisers, donating money, and much more. Also, women are able to make many contributions to sciences, math, and basically everything that men can do.

Roles Played By Women Nowadays

Back in the 1700s, women only played a few roles in their country, but now, women can do much more. They can do anything they want and be anything they want. They can play a role to their country as a nurse, doctor, lawyer, a business women, and etc. Also, women are now able to earn the same amount of money as a man would for the same job which wasn't the same during the 17th and 18th century. Women's roles have changed many times throughout history as it is clear to see.