Louis Jolliet

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Fact File

Born: September 21, 1645 in France

Where he live: Canada

Died: September 15, 1700

The journey

Louis Joliet was a Canadian explorer in the 17th century.

Louis Joliet, and Jacques Marquette, a missionary, were chosen to lead a journey from the northeast corner of Lake Michigan into the center of the unknown continent. Joliet was an experienced map-maker and geographer, Marquette spoke six Native American languages. Joliet's mission was to find the river the natives called Messissppi- "the Great Water," and follow it to the sea.

On May 17, 1673, Louis and Marquelte left st. lgnace with two canoos and five other voyageurg. Following the northern and western shores of Lake Michigan, they paddled down the Fox River, until they came to the Wisconsin River, and then found themselves on the Mississippi. They traveled down the Mississippi to within 435 miles (700 km) to the Gulf of mezico. They then followed the Chicago River downstream until they reached Lake Michigan near the location of modern-day Chocago.

The two adventurers returned to their starting point at the end of September after five month, having traveled 2500 miles.

characteristics of explorer

I think an explorer should be smart and curious so that he can his mission.

He also need to be brave so he can deal with danger.

Would I have liked to participate in your explorer's journey?

I didnt liked to participate in louis joliet journey because Im more interested in invention (like music) then discoveries like Louie's journey
Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet