Hunger Games

By: Elizabeth & Kathy

What is Hunger Games?

Hunger Games is a book and a movie about how two people boy and girl, who get chosen to fight for their district. They have to kill each other and the last person survives is the winner. The main characters of this book are Katniss and Peeta, from district 12. They both fall in love and at the end they both survive, but there can only be one winner. They decided to kill them self together by eating poisoning berries. The game stops before they eat the berries and they both become the winners from district 12.

Why Was It Banned?

The Hunger Games was banned... Nobody really knows why it was banned, some people think it was inappropriate and had to much violence in it. In the movie there was a lot of death including weapons. The Hunger Games could actually be a good book but some parents banned it and didn't even read it. It does have lots of violence and death but it shows friendship and love and how Peeta and Katniss were going to kill themselves together or stay alive together.