The life of a Jaguar

By Keighan Hackney

What is a jaguar?

A jaguar is a cat that is the biggest in South America. They are mammals and meat eaters. They can weigh about 100 to 250 pounds and its head and body are about 5 to 6 feet. They are similar to a 6 ft man. Also the Jaguar can live up to about 12 to 15 years.

How does a Jaguar get its food?

Jaguars like to hunt when its night time so that they have darkness around them. Also the darkness helps them from the hot heat that is shining every day. Jaguars usually run fast in the day time but half to eventually stop. At night since the sun is not shining they can last longer while running. Also Jaguars have night vision so they can see better at night. But some of their prey have night vision so they better watch out.

How many cubs can a female Jaguar have?

They usually have up to 1 to 4 cubs. When Jaguar cubs are born they usually are darker then the parents. Also when they are born they cant walk and their deaf. So thats why the parents have to watch out for the cub all the times. Usually when the cub gets snatched the parents and the snatcher fight. Sometimes even to their death. Then the parents grab the cub and move on.

Why are Jaguars so fast?

The Jaguar can run up to 100 miles per hour. Their long legs help them run. Their speed helps them get their prey easier. Usually they hunt in groups so if their is more than one bait they all get to eat. Also it helps the Jaguars get away from hunters that are hunting them. Sometimes they don't succeed and are shot and used for animal skins or just for food.

The end

Now that i told you some facts about Jaguars this could help you when you do a project on Jaguars. That is all God bless