Dress Code

Why Every School Needs Them


All students in grade school need to wear uniforms to school, this keeps there mind off materialistic things, prepares there mind for the next level, and keeps social classes irrelevant in the school.

Do School Uniforms Help Students Learn?

Opposing Points

  • - They have no effect

  • - Funding, Why should parents have to buy extra clothes in already struggling times

  • - Children are not ready for the responsibility of taking care of those clothes.

  • - Uniforms will take away from kids growing in to their own individual

Statistics- from naesp.org

Leaders stated they believe their school uniform or formal dress code policy has made a positive impact on the following:

  • Classroom Discipline (85 percent)
  • Image in the Community (83 percent)
  • Student Safety (79 percent)
  • School Pride (77 percent)
  • Student Achievement (64 percent)
  • Attendance (44 percent)

Main Points

  • Kids will not be worried so much about the latest and greatest items over school work.

  • The ultimate Goal is to get our kids great jobs, those usually come with a dress codes

  • The income of a family has no place of being shared at a school.


Conclusion- I would ask you all too simply be the soil that I am planting this seed and consider this with your own children when its time for them to attend school.