Germs and...You?

By: Nicholas Coghlan

Germs are everywhere!

Imagine this. Everywhere in your life there is a germ. Germs that will latch on to you and make you sick. To get rid of these germs you have to use soap, hot water, hand sanitizer, but sometimes germs could even be on those things! A study showed that germs can be on soap dispensers. Remember to use your own personal hand sanitizer.

Watch out for germs!

Now, here's how you can avoid germs. The simple ones are that you should always wash your hands after using the bathroom. But a expire not done by a professor showed that when a toilet sometimes spray water, it lands on the tooth brush. You should always keep your tooth brush as far way from the toilet. Germs can get on sponges as well. And even cutting boards. You should wash these everyday and maybe get a new sponge every week. A big problem is public pens, they carry germs from all the people that have touched it. BRING YOUR OWN PEN! It will save you from getting sick.