Simply Second

Week of January 5th

Curriculum Connections

Reader's Workshop - Plot Patterns

Writer's Workshop - Making revisions

Math - Money to 50 cents

Science -Magnets

Social Studies-Free Enterprise

Report Cards

You can access your child's report card on Wednesday, January 6th.

Classroom Needs

Help! We are in need of the following for our classrooms:

Mucha- small and large ziploc bags

Chilicki-dry erase markers

Baum-gallon ziploc bags and dry erase markers

Proffitt-glue sticks and colored pencils

Reminder About Tardies

Doors open at 7:15. Class instruction starts at 7:35. All children are expected to be in the classroom at this time. A student is tardy if they are not in the classroom by 7:45. You should report an absence by calling 817-251-5700. If the child goes to the doctor/dentist, we need a note. If your child is sick but you didn't go to the doctor, then we need a written note from you explaining the absence. You may also email, our data secretary. Even a little time away from the classroom affects your child's learning. Students will serve a detention after being tardy on 5 occasions. Every subsequent tardy within the nine weeks will result in a detention. If a child comes to school late with a doctor’s note, that is a tardy that will not count against them. Tardy detention will be held on Thursdays from 7:15-7:35 with Mrs. Torres, Assistant Principal. Dove’s policy is in accordance with the information presented in the Student-Parent Handbook and Student

Code of Conduct. Upon a child’s 5th tardy, the parent will be notified in writing

of the child’s upcoming assignments to before-school detention. After a child

has served two detentions, the parents will be contacted by the principal and

notified of the consequences for “repeated instances.”

Looking Ahead

January 6th-Report Card

January 18th-No School

January 28th-29th Talent Show

February 12- 1:45 p.m. Valentine Party

February 17,18th-Student Led Conferences

February 17, 18th-11:45 a.m. Early Dismissal