Stress Free, with Cancer

Think your stress free while smoking? Think again!

Smoking does not have any positive effects!

Smoking will not cause joy, but instead many irreversible conditions. Stuff like Cancer, Atherosclerosis and many more horrid diseases just waiting for you to smoke, so it can attack! If you are still not convinced, I have listed eight horrible things that can happen to you due to smoking below! I guarantee that by the time you read half of this flyer, you will know that smoking is one of the worse things in the world!

Reduces your life span!

Every time you light up your cigarette remember you are reducing your life each time by 11 minutes. Think about it, an abusive smoker will smoke about a pack a day if not more, and at least 10 cigarettes are in a pack, do the math, in an average day he loses 110 minutes in his life! Not to mention, the stress they feel all day just adding to the reducing! This may not seem like a lot to lose, but it adds up! In a week you lose 770 minutes! That's crazy! In a year you lose a grand total of, (drum roll please) , 40150 minutes, if not more!


Emphysema is a life-threatening lung disease that is characterized by a loss of lung elasticity resulting in difficulty breathing.Think about the long run.When your an elderly, you have some difficulty breathing, most of the time. Now think about an elderly who smoked, AND had difficulty breathing! Imagine that! Every two second you beg for air, and every time you open your mouth, you lose air! Would you wanna be in that position?

Heart Attack

Smoking is one of the leading contributors to cardiovascular disease.The stimulant, Nicotine, increases stress on the heart, increasing the blood pressure. This increase in blood pressure will make the chances of heart attacks. It may also cause a stroke! And these possibilities are each BIG possibilities. Trust me, I have done my math, and these disease are most likely going to happen to you.

Like Your Face? Not After Smoking!

Smoking will cost you your looks. Smoking will make you look like your in your mid-40's when your really only 16! It's true, smoking causes the aging process to rapidly speed up, which also makes it possible you might get skin damage in ten years or less. Aside from that, smoking yellows teeth so much its not even funny!

Cigarettes Many Ingredients!

There are so many chemicals in cigarettes that i wont be able to list them all! So let me just list a tiny fraction of them!

Acetone: Nail Polish Remover
Acetic Acid: Vinegar
Ammonia : Floor / Toilet Cleaner
Arsenic : Poison
Benzene : Makes Dyes and Plastics
Butane : Lighter Fluid
Cadmium : NiCad Batteries
Carbon Monoxide : Car Exhaust Fumes
Cyanide : Metabolic poison
Cloroform : Anasthetic
DDT/Dieldrin : Insecticides
Ethanol : Alcohol
Formaldehyde : Preserver - Body, Tissue and Fabric
Hexamine: Barbecue Lighter
Methane : Swamp Gas
Methanol : Rocket Fuel
Napthalene : Mothballs
Nicotine : Insecticide, Stimulant, Addictive Drug
Nitrobenzene : Gasoline Additive
Nitrous Oxide Phenols : Disinfectant
Stearic Acid : CandleWax
Toluene : Industrial Solvent
Vinyl Chloride : Makes PVC

Multiply this amount by ten, and you might be close to how many chemicals are in cigarettes. Not to mention some chemicals in cigarettes are metals! Go on! Smoke candle wax! And don't forget to enjoy the Mothballs!

No Money, No Job, At least You have Cigarettes!

Getting addicted to smoking is a very costly habit! Meaning in a month you lose 150 dollars! In addition to that, you have your daily spending to take care of! You have to feed yourself don't you? Not to mention you will lose your only source of gaining money fast. Your JOB! If your manager finds out that you smoke, he will fire you. Possibly literally...

Bye Sports! Hello Cigarettes!

Smoking will make you lose athletic ability very fast! Your speed will decrease! You will feel very sluggish and tired after a minute or two of activity. And your reflexes will rapidly fall! It's like getting old before your old! Not to mention, these changes are permanent, you will have the qualities of an old person while still being a kid!

I.Q Points from 100 to -100

The time that nicotine needs to get from your mouth to your brain is 8 seconds. It WILL mess up your brain! Studies show that if you smoke you have a 15 times more likely chance to get panic attack than teens who don't smoke! Teens are also more likely to get anxiety disorders and depression.
Smoking Kills (The Bryan Curtis story)