Awesome Blossoms

This Week

Our focus this week was spring! We painted one side of wings to make symmetrical butterflies. We also made ladybugs and flowers with 9 petals. We cut circles, used dot markers on snakes, colored small spring pictures, and snipped paper to make sunflowers. In addition, we sorted baskets of bugs, fruits, and pets, sequenced the caterpillar life cycle, counted flowers, and worked on our colors and turn-taking skills by playing Candyland! During circle time, we practiced our imitation skills, identified objects by function, and read books about plants. We even planted and watered our own seeds in cups and will monitor them as they grow!

During speech, we read Dear Zoo and identified animals that live at the zoo. We worked on our matching skills by matching animals from the story to their corresponding pictures. We also read From Head to Toe, named the animal on each page, and imitated body movements of the animals (e.g., turning our heads like penguins, stomping our feet like elephants). Finally, we reached into a big box filled with animals, and had to decide if they lived at the zoo, in the ocean, or on the farm. During P.E., we had a blast playing with big bubble wands and popping the bubbles in the air. We also rode trikes around the track in the middle of campus.

With our friends from room 4, we had picnics and went camping in the dramatic play area. We also used tongs to pick up plastic bugs and sort them. At music time, we answered wh-questions, sang about community helpers, and categorized objects.

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Summer Camps

Some of you have been asking about options for camps this summer. The Exceptional Family Resource Center has some good links to explore.

I'll post more information if I hear of anything! If you have found summer options that would be helpful to pass on to other parents, please feel free to let me know. See you all in May!!

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