Cyber bullying

don't be part of the problem

Words Hurt

In cyber bullying it can be mostly words that make the problem a problem. But cyber bullying is not just words, pictures can be used in this situation for harassment, or embarrassment. There have been cases where words, or pictures have embarrassed, or hurt someone so much they have tried to kill themselves. Some have killed themselves, and I wonder how that makes the bully feel, good, proud, or accomplished. For the lives of the children that have been cyber bullied, there should be a law in every state that cyber bullying is illegal. So don't be a bully who could hurt someone very badly, be a person who stands up for the cyber bullied people.

To help protect yourself

Block people that you might feel as threat to you online

Talk to only you friends online for less of a chance of being cyber bullied

Don't respond to negative comments, or hateful messages

Go on secure websites, make sure that you chat only to good friends and not random people

Don't give out your info or passwords or someone can put really mean things on a wall or email

If you are on Facebook, or twitter only let friends go on your wall, or look at your messages