My Summer

Hannah Yokubaitis 2A

Lazy Couch Potato Days

On the second week of summer, my family and my best friend's family packed for a three hour plane ride to San Jose, CA where we landed and spent our first night in California. The first two days we didn't do much other than watch TV at the hotel.

The Golden Gate City

It wasn't a really long car ride to San Francisco. Turns out, the hotel we planned on staying at had accidentally rented out our room when we got there so we ended up in an upgraded room that was really nice! The third day of our trip we spent wandering around the boardwalk. We went to fisherman's wharf...still cant get over the name... the next few days went by pretty quickly with random visits to Chinatown where we got to marvel at antique shops, Ghirardelli Square (so much chocolate!) and a really nice restaurant on the bay.

Lake Tahoe, NV

After a week at San Francisco, we moved on into a small town in Nevada called Tahoe. From there we made a stop at the jelly belly factory before heading back and...driving some sort of trolley bike.... Thursday we learned Emerald Bay was nearby and we decided to go canoeing so we hiked five miles from the nearest parking lot down to the bay and rented some. Unfortunately, Mom dropped her camera into the lake somewhere...all of our vacation pictures are now somewhere at the bottom of a lake hundreds of feet deep...ANYWAY Friday we drove up to the sequoias and toured the remaining forest. Good grief those things were huge! It took six people to reach all the way around the trunk of one. I didn't get a pic of it but we also ended up six meters away from a bear in the forest. On Saturday we spent the day hiking rocks up the waterfall and picnicking.

Back in Cali

We traveled down route 1 for hours, only stopping at Big Sur for a bit of beach time. There were so many jelly fish and the water was freezing so I pretty much staked myself in the sand (i swear it was quicksand with the rate i was sinking) where it was warm. Our last stop in California was Monterey. There was an expensive texas-fair-like boardwalk where I got to experience heaven in the form of a dole whip. On the last day we went to Carmel Cannery and wandered around for last minute souvenirs before eating at bubba gumps before packing to head back to San Jose to fly back to Texas.

Goodbye summer, Hello Band

Of course school ruins lives so a week after i got back, summer band camp had to start...So I was up at 7 and at school every day until 4 while most everyone not in band here was probably at home playing videogames or watching tv....uugh...I don't have pics because we were not allowed to bring out our phones