The Northern Lights

cole thoren

What causes the northern lights and where is the best place to see them?

The cause of the Aurora Borealis is when radiation from the sun falls on the magnetic field surrounding earth. The best place to watch and see the northern light is at the north pole because that is where the magnetic field is strongest.

When is the best time of the year to see the northern lights?

The best time to see the northern light is either during the fall equinox or the spring equinox because that is the time the sun is giving off more radiation than usual which makes the northern light more viable.

What is the difrence between Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis? Similaritys?

The difference between the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis is like it's name, the Aurora Australis is in the south, just like Australia. The Northern Lights, like their name as well, is located to the north. A similarity is that they are both caused by the same reason (1st caption).

How can someone forcast when the Aurora Borealis will occur?

One way that someone could forecast the northern lights is if they detect how much radiation the sun is giving off and then they could estimate the time the radiation will make impact with the magnetic field.

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