The DeLaPaz Dazzler

January 8, 2016

Important Dates

January 15th- Midterms come home

January 18th- No School

February 1st- Yearbook orders due

This week in 3MD

It was a great week back in action here in our classroom. We talked about our resolutions, winter break, and jumped back into the curriculum. This week we went to the collaboration rooms and plan on going more and more. The roller coaster unit has come to a close, with all functioning coasters. Way to go!

Roller Coaster Fun!

Click the link below to listen to each child describe their roller coaster and the energy used.
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In art we have been doing a project.The thing we had to draw in srt was three hands.On each hand there had to be at least a bird or a flower or something like that.The hands were hard for me but I did it.My favorite part was when we got to draw the birds because you could make like diesighns on it and you could also make a raindrop bird if the other birds were to hard for you.We are learning about a artist but I do not remember what he was called though.




I reading we do daily 5 and reading group.In reading group I am reading a story bog sweat bog.When it is reading time we do our Haiku work.Once your done you do daily 5 there is 5 things you can do.

By Lindy


In music this week we played this game called consintractin and it is a fun game.What you is you patt on your knees two times then clap two times then you snap and in one snap you say your name and in a nother snap you say someone else’s name.It is really fun game.Then we played this thing where you have a name tag and you have all the music notes and the music teacher says the pattern you put on your name tag then you say it then you say it and clap it then you clap it and dont say any thing then you play it on your recorder.So that’s what we did in music .

Bye:Kassidy Eltvedt


This week in Scince we made roller coasters. We had a group. My group was Madleyn, Zaid, Mattie, Lachlen, and Me,Elaina. When we made the roller coaster, Mrs. Delapaz had to test it out. It worked! The next day we went to the calaboraion rooms and we made a video and we had to tell what was the Keneic energy and Putenchle energy. We watched some of them and they were funny!

By Elaina

Math- Mrs. Busky

In Mrs. Busky’s math class … We are learning about the powers of ten. 102 or ten to the power of two is 100 because you are multipling ten two times. (10*10) Also ten to the power of three would be 1,000 because if you have 10*10 you get 100 then you multiply that by ten and get 1,000.

BY: Tessa Schumacher

Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

in math we are learning decimals we are learning hundredths and tenths.I kinda know a lot of it but not a lot of it so we took home a work sheet of decimals and I think it was a little hard but it wasn’t.

By-Mattie plisz


This week for PE we’re doing different type of dances and this is the moves for the first dance,down down up up shoulder shoulder shoulder head head back back wiggle wiggle jump clap.