Jamestown Welcomes You

A Man Only Needs Two Things: His Freedom and God

King James I of England bids you well!

It's not everyday that a man gets a one way ticket to his freedom, but that is exactly what our good King James I has done for us! His Majesty gave the London Company a charter allowing them to establish this colony for gold but we have found something even better: Tobacco!

This is your chance to make our King proud! Gather your hoes and farming tools and make your way over to Jamestown to have the best tobacco harvests the King has ever seen!

A Good Land and a Good Neighbor

Jamestown is settled near a swamp, so beware of the mosquitoes! Nevertheless, the ample amount of game, berries, and woods can cause any man's heart to fill with content. Located on a peninsula and fifty miles upstream from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Jamestown provides perfect access to water while maintaining natural defensive borders.

Growing a variety of crops other than tobacco can be difficult in this terrain, but have no fear! Jamestown is situated near some helpful Native Americans who offer our colonists with corn and other foods. The Powhatan Confederacy has been more than generous with their offerings.

So just focus on the tobacco harvests and enjoy Jamestown!

People to Know

What is Jamestown like?

The colony of Jamestown has created the House of Burgesses, which is the very first European-type legislative body in this New World. It shall be used as a model for future colonies in this New World because its representative style government creates great cohesion. A strong bond between Colonists and between Colonists and Natives is very crucial, especially with the massive tobacco exports. In fact, in 1619, tobacco exports had reached such great quantities that the Virginia Company had to send out 100 boys and girls from London to serve as apprentices! The tobacco business is the single most profitable trade in this entire New World!

God has a mission for you!

Our Lord and Savior has a mission for you too! He tells us to educate these Native Americans. Teach them the ways of our Heavenly Father. Be a good Protestant and enlighten their lives.