Library Update and Did You Know....

2nd 9 Weeks Edition

Let's Prepare for the 2nd 9 weeks

Please make sure you do the following things to prepare your class for the 2nd 9 weeks in AR:

  • Make sure EVERY folder is signed by a parent!!
  • Make sure EVERY student has reading blocks put in. Remember...this will block them from reading above/below their level without permission from you (via password). If you have already done this and you are NOT testing them again on STAR for the new nine weeks, then this is taken care of. See AR Teacher Helper for how to put in blocks.
  • Assign a new point goal to every student. This should be individualized...but keep the end point goal in mind.
  • Write this point goal in the student library folder.

Your Class Could Earn a Dog Tag!!

Today (Monday) I am going to print an overdue report. I will let you know who has an overdue book in your class. All students have until Thursday to either turn in their overdue book, or bring it to the library to be rechecked.

On Thursday, any class that has NO OVERDUE books, will receive a dog tag from me for every student in the class!!

Did You Know....

Here are a few things I want to make sure you are aware of. Put them to use, if you are interested:

  • Did you know that you can have me add ST Math on your student iPads? Just let me know you want it and I will work it in my schedule. Be sometimes takes me a few days to get to it.
  • Did you know that you can have me add the iStation app to your iPads? All you have to do is request it.
  • We have an author visit coming up for grades 2-4! Be looking for more information on the schedule for her visit and what you will need to send with your kids.