Identity 1/13/14

Laura Schmitz

  • List various identities
  • I love reading, knitting, sewing, children and making lists. I love to take naps and being lazy. My big brother is my hero and role model. My dog is awesome, and I hate cats. Family is very important to me, and I try to be religious but I'm not very good at blind faith. I love and trust people very easily, and i always think the best of strangers. I cuss to often, and i get angry easily but I can't stay mad for more than five minutes.
  • Past Influences
  • My mother is kind and nurturing and very selfless, I try very hard to be like her.
  • My big brother is very important to me. He is very stoic and doesn't express his feelings very often, so when he asked me to be his daughters godmother I was honored. Being Milly's godmother pushes me to be a better person so that I can be a role model to her.
  • Significant Experiences
  • I had a chronic illness for three years, It taught me not to take advantage of things like health and energy, and taught me live each day to its fullest.
  • When I was in elementary school, I was held back and all of my peers called me stupid, I have used the majority of my life so far to prove them wrong.
  • Who are you Now
  • I am a scholar, a nurturer, a good friend. I am creative and empathetic and I have high goals for myself. I am the youngest of four children and have never been able to place myself in my families dynamic, I am not the smartest nor the dumbest, the prettiest, or the most ambitious, which makes it hard for me to claim my own identity that is independent of my siblings.
  • What do you Aspire to be
  • I want to be a large part of my niece Milly's life. I want to be her role model and hero.
  • I have known my entire life that I was born to be a mother, I consider it my purpose in life.