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Norfolk Junior High

By Jesus Mejia

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Mexico feature story

By Jesus Mejia

There are a lot of cultures in Mexico and I’m going to share five of them with you .One of them is how they celebrate Christmas. First, they celebrate by eating a big feast, and then when they're done they go pray at church. When they’re done praying, they go get a pinata for us to break, and then we start singing songs and opening presents.

When it’s our birthdays, they go and buy food, candy and they also buy a big pinata. We also eat a cake that is made up of three milks, and it’s so good.

The popular beach in Mexico for me is Acapulco, because there is a lot of things to do over there. The beach is always hot and warm, and also that’s where we go to party.

The food that we eat over at Mexico is a lot of meat. We eat tacos that have meat in them, and we also eat tamales and they're so good .
The hobbies over at Mexico includes going out and having so much fun. We also go to other places we haven’t been to, and we also like to hear music.

The things we do in our family during Hispanic Heritage Month is go to festivals, concerts, and have a big party with a big pinata.These are my fun facts about Mexico.

I don't want to go to mexico Nursery Ryhme

I don’t want to go to mexico
No more more more
There’s a big fat policemen
at my door door door
He grabbed me by the collar
He made me pay a dollar
I don’t want to go to mexico
No more more more

Who? Jose Hernandez

What? Doesn’t want to go to mexico because there’s a big fat policemen at his door . He doesn’t like mexico.

Where? Acapulco Guerrero Mexico

When? 2011 October 13

Why? Because there’s a big fat policemen at his door because he stole something at the store. Then he ran away to his house and the policemen was at his door asking him why did he stole something at the store. He said because he needed that but he did not have enough money. He made him pay a dollar for the thing he stole.

Jose Hernandez doesn’t want to go to Acapulco Guerrero Mexico. There’s a policeman at his door because he stole something at a store on October 13, 20111. Jose ran away to his house and the policeman was at his door asking him why he stole something at the store. Jesus said he needed that, but didn’t have enough money. He made him pay a dollar for the things he stole and told him not to do it again.

Should we wear school uniforms

Side 1: I believe all students should wear school uniforms

yes no maybe so what if idk what if we don’t want to yes because we’ll look funny do we have to yes because we look cool yes because we’ll feel happy and yes because we can all look the same
Side 2: I believe all students should not wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)
we will look like other people what if we want close we’ll look ugly why because who wears uniforms and plus what if we want other close
My view with supporting details.
Create a Headline- make sure it has your subject in it!

We should wear school uniforms because we will look all the same and not get made fun of for wearing different clothes. We should wear school uniforms because we get to buy a lot of soap and we’ll smell good. We can also look the same and look good like other people. We don’t have to get sent to the office because we’re wearing something bad.

Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple Run centers around a group of wandering explorers, where one of the characters, whom the player controls, steals an idol from an ancient temple. The player controls the characters moments after they have stolen the idol. Immediately upon acquiring the idol, the player is pursued by a group of malevolent demonic monkeys who chase the player out of the temple, thus initiating a "temple run."
The object of the game is to run as far as possible in a endless game world by avoiding randomly generated obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards), or turn (slide finger to the right or left) in a precise manner. Tilting the device will cause the character to move from side to side, allowing them to collect coins as they run.These coins are primarily in the shape of yellow diamonds, but according to their point value, they can also be red or blue (a 2-point coin and a 3-point coin, respectively). In addition to the coins, players also encounter sporadic bonus items during their run. The longer a session gets, the faster the character runs and the more frequent the obstacles become, requiring quicker and quicker reflexes to stay alive. The game is measured in meters, starting from the temple. If you don’t duck or if you keep going on a turn or get burned by fire you lose the game and start all over again . I think the purpose of this game is to get the highest score.
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Chronicle Movie Review

Haven’t you ever wish to have a superpower? Chronicle is a suspense
movie about three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. Since steve died andrew gains more power and can’t control so he blames the whole city and tries to destroy it so his friend matt tries to stop him but he does not have enough power to stop andrew
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'Chronicle' Clip: 'Supermarket'

Chronicle Clip

Andrew's cousin Matt invites him to a party to help him meet people, but Andrew's filming angers an attendee and Andrew leaves despondent. Andrew is persuaded by popular student Steve to record something strange he and Matt have found in the woods: a hole in the ground emitting a loud strange noise. The three enter the hole and discover a large glowing blue crystalline object. The object glows red and the group is stricken by nosebleeds and pain. The camera cuts out. Weeks later Andrew records himself, Matt, and Steve as they display abilities, able to move objects with their minds, but bleeding from their noses when they overexert themselves. They return to the hole, but find that it has collapsed and that the sheriff's department is sealing off the area