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Winter Olympics

These nonfiction texts can be scaffolded and are great resources for close reading, write about reading, or guided reading stations.

Olympic Themed Writing Prompts

1. If you could participate in any winter olympic sport which one would you choose and why?

2. The Luge and Bobsledding are similar sports in that they both involve riding a sled down an icy track. The big difference in the two sports is the Luge is completed with one athlete and the bobsled is completed with a team of two or four. Which sport would you prefer? Do you work best with a group or on your own?

3. A 1995 study found that athlete who won bronze medals were happier than an athletes that won silver medals. Why do you think this might be true?

4. The Russian and USA ice dancing judges have been accused of working together to give each other's teams good scores. If this is found to be true, what do you think the punishment should be? If it true, should the athletes from their countries be punished or even lose their medals?

These videos can be used as character lessons for morning meeting or as writing starters.