Galileo Galilei

Who is Galileo Galilei?

Who is Galileo Galilei?

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher. He made and discovered many things that helped greatly during the Renaissance.

Galileo's Early Life

Galileo Galileo had a very important life. He was born in Italy, during the Renaissance period. He was born on February 15, 1564. He was oldest of 7 children. His father, Vincenzo Galilei, taught him to think for himself and ask a lot of questions. Since his family thought education was extremely important, he had a math tutor until 1574, when he moved to Florence. At 10 years old, he studied at Monastery of Santa Maria, Vallombrosa. There he learned ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. At 17, he left Vallombrosa, to study medicine at University of Pisa. Since he was very curious, his teachers hated him. The idea of imagination was frowned upon. One of his first discoveries that lead to further inventions, was that swings fall at the same time, no matter the size. Without his father pushing to question theories, he would not be the person he is today.

This is Vincenzo Galilei, Galileo's father.

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Later Years

After Galileo, made the pendulum, he quit his study as a doctor. He then got another private tutor, named Ostilio Ricci. In 1585, he left University Pisa as a student. Then he came back to University Pisa in 1589, as a professor. He made enemies very easy at Pisa, due to him questioning theories, which was frowned upon. He thought he was not appreciated at Pisa and left to teach at University Padua. This is where he learned the Copernicus Theory. The Copernicus Theory was the theory that everything orbits the sun, including the earth. When he first discovered about this theory, he was not public about believing in this theory, since new theories were not excepted. So, since he wanted to know more about the stars, he had an italian inventor show him how to make telescope and from there he made an improved telescope. After he did this, University of Padua realized how special he was and asked him to sign a life contract to teach at Padua. He said yes, and then quickly started working on the stars again. Once he discover new objects in the sky, he wrote to the Duke of Tuscany about the new discoveries. He was put on trial on 1616, and charged for Vehement suspicion of Hersey. He was then put on house arrest, and die 9 years laters.

Copernicus Theory

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Galileo created many things , including the pendulum. He also wrote a few books, including 'On Motion' and 'Sidereus Nuncius'. He made the telescope popular and discovered Venus had phases.
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