Fashion & Retail Management

Malakia Foy

What is Fashion & Retail Management?

To design clothing, make purchasing decisions for retailers and market products. Fashion designers, retail managers and purchasing managers bring new trends in apparel and accessories to consumers. Fashion and retail management includes instruction in business topics for management careers in the fashion and retail industries.
Fashion Merchandising Degree at SHSU

Fashion Designer, Retail Buyer, Purchasing Manager, Retail Store Manager


There are opportunities to take core classes in statistics, economics, accounting, marketing and management strategies to prepare them to make sound business decisions and provide leadership. Many schools, colleges and universities offer diplomas, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in fashion merchandising.
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Tom Ford

Tom Ford was someone who destined beauty, eyewear and accessories, film production and directing, and fashion photography. He was once n assistant to Cathy Hardwick and also was once the design director along with creative director for famous fashion brand Gucci.

What Does It Take To Be Successful?


Positive Energy


Open Minded

Problem Solver


Busy Days: Black Friday, Tax Free Weekend, Homecoming, and Prom

I would like to thank all those who helped this capstone come together and the Judges.