Jumano, Indian tribe

Jacob Benami, September 19 2016

What region did the Jumano tribe live in?

The Jumano tribe lived in the Mountains and Basins region. The Mountains and Basins region is located in far west Texas. The Mountains and Basins region is obviously known for mountains and basins. Famous landforms in the Mountains and Basins region are the Guadalupe Peak and the Chisos Mountains. The Guadalupe Peak is the highest peak in Texas.

What did they do?

The Jumano tribe were all farmers. The Jumano tribe farmed usually what everybody else in the world farmed, plants and crops. The Jumano tribe were an advanced society. They normally ate corn, beans, squash, meat, fruits and nuts. Unlike the Karankawa tribe, the Jumano tribe do not eat other humans. And unlike the Commanche and Apache tribes, the Jumano tribe don't have to share a region with anyone (Mountains and Basins region). (Apache and Comanche, Great Plains)

No place like home.

The Jumano tribe lived in Adobe homes. Adobe homes are made of mud and straw mixed together to make a substance that dries and become a hard rock. Before they put it to dry they stack them and make a home out of it. When it dries, it will be a house. The Jumano tribe have found this out due to trial and error.