Carer Project


Carer Research


Graphic Designers are trained to due highly advance art work on games animation or any job skill that involves Graphics

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

working with others to create next gen graphics,

Education and Training

Bachelors Degree or associate Degree,

High creative with strong working knowledge of photoshop, in-design illustrator , B.A Graphic and or/ Commercial, Minimum of 3 years of communication art direction experience/

Excellent C/C++ programing skills.Good can attitude with a service oriented personality

Preferred Job Skills

Game Designer, Graphic Designer,Graphic Animator

Job Outlook

It will increase due to high demand for games or something else like movies are anything that graphic design


Rockstar Games(96,660)

Work Environment

Mostly on the computer to add in graphics

are stationary in computer or drawing for a next model or item they have to add

also no hazards

Also their different areas so it depends on skill level and where you will located

High School preparation

Related Courses at Leyden

Graphic Design, Video game Design

Part of Video Game club

Extra-Curricular Activities

Video Game Club And Graphic Design

Post-Secondary planes

Related College Majors

E.I.U, Elmer, University of Chicago

Training Programs or Certificate Courses

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

Graphic design

Name Location

University of Chicago Chicago

Eastern Illinois University Illinois