Cougar Chronicle

Volume 17 Issue 17 - Friday, December 3, 2021

Important Dates Coming Up

  • December 1 to January 14 - Recycle Lights at SCE or Admin building on Cumberland Rd.
  • December 1 to December 17 - Winter NWEA Testing for all students
  • Tuesday, December 7 - Third Grade Vision Assessments
  • Monday, December 13 - Mrs. Gropp to AgriPark
  • Tuesday, December 14 - Mrs. Labellarte, Mrs. Landis to AgriPark
  • Wednesday, December 15 - Mrs. Nolan, Mrs. Posipanka to AgriPark
  • Thursday, December 16 - Mrs. Emmons, Miss Yeleti to AgriPark
  • Monday, December 20 - Monday, January 3 - ❄️Winter Break - No School❄️
  • Tuesday, January 4 - Return to School after Winter Break
Dec 3

Message from Mrs. Rich & Ms. Vetter

It is December and we are wrapping up our semester with a lot of exciting news around SCE.

  • Our Kinder friends will be parading their super reader powers around the building soon while encouraged by the older students clapping them on to second semester.
  • 1st & 2nd Grade authors are busy sharing their expert published books with one another.
  • 3rd & 4th Grade mathematicians are demonstrating their conceptual understanding and multiple ways to solve a problem.
  • Our teachers and staff are busily assessing students to capture growth from August in literacy and math.

We want to thank you for your continued support with "homework" at home in the evenings. Our belief is that the long afternoon should be spent playing outside and spending time with family.

If families are looking for a routine of evening practice for school work please consider the list below:

  1. Practice reading for 20 minutes or being read to by someone else. Mix up the types of texts to make it fun and challenging.
  2. Practice word play. Use a marker board or create your own word cards on index cards.
  3. Practice math. Use a deck of cards or dice to practice adding, subtracting and multiplying. Have your child teach you a math game from school.
  4. Practice writing. Write about what you read, practice writing different word lists or sentences, write a story together and add illustrations and details each night.

As new leaders, we are very excited about the outcome and participation from the recent family conferences. Whether you visited in person, were led by your own child, or zoomed with our teachers - we are grateful for your partnership. We are better together.

Thank you for participating in HSEFunSelfie and donating to our HSE Foundations to assist with future teacher and student grants. We are so lucky to have two recipients this year! Karen Gropp and Tammy Wayne are excited to create learning opportunities for SCE students.

If you have not had a chance to contribute and would like to - it's not too late! Click below to donate now. Every $1 counts and there is no donation too small. Thank you for your consideration.

We are looking forward to our ten days left to inspire. Our students have acclimated back to in person learning and we are very proud of all of them and our families as our partners during such a challenging time.

Have a good weekend. Unplug. Rest. Play!

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Changes to the Lunch Menu for December 6-10

December 6-10 is Week 1 on the Menu, but there are changes:

Monday - Chicken Nuggets

Tuesday - Rotini pasta with meatballs

Wednesday - Chicken and noodles

Thursday - Cheesy breadsticks

Friday - Calzone

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

December 6-10 is Week 1. The menu may change due to supply chain limitations - please watch for updates.

Recycle Holiday Lights December 1 - January 14

This Holiday Season, HSE is asking you to give a gift to the Earth by making the choice to be more sustainable. HSE Schools will be hosting a district wide Holiday Light Recycling Program. Starting December 1st and going until January 14th each school will be collecting old, broken, tangled, or unwanted holiday lights. Technology Recyclers will take these unwanted/unusable lights and break them down into useable components that will be used to make new products.

Last year, you helped prevent 3,519 pounds of holiday light e-waste from entering landfills and polluting the Earth.

No matter what the reason, resist the urge to throw old holiday lights in the trash.

Please participate in HSE district wide Holiday Light Recycling Program this year!

SCE will have collection bins inside the Door 1 entry and outside Door 2.

Third Grade Vision Screen on December 7

Vision screening is required by the Indiana State Board of Health for all 3rd graders. This year, all 3rd graders will be screened on Tuesday, December 7th. Near and far vision will be screened.

The results are pass or fail. You will only be notified

if your student fails the screening test.

If your child wears glasses or contacts, please make sure they have them at school on this day for accurate testing results. If you have any questions, please contact our school nurse Tricia Cline at

Recognizing All Valuable Employees

Do you know an employee who makes HSE Schools a better place for others?

Have you observed an employee who goes above and beyond their job responsibilities/duties to make a difference? These individuals deserve a R.A.V.E Review now more than ever!

The goal of the R.A.V.E (Recognizing All Valuable Employees) Review is to identify and honor those, in their contributions and service to HSE Schools, exemplify our mission.

Staff, students, and community members can nominate HSE employees.

Masks are still Required

Please, families, send your child in a mask every day.
  • Please be sure your students are prepared for school with masks on.
  • Please send spare masks in your students' backpacks.
  • We are working on getting more masks to give out to students in our Main Office.
  • We welcome any donations of disposable kid masks to our front office.
District Instruction Plan and COVID Dashboard Links

Details on school protocols, mitigation strategies, the HSE District COVID dashboard, and self-reporting forms are all here.

Absent, Arriving Late, or Leaving Early? Tell Alison the Attendance Secretary

Please contact me! You can call, email, leave a voicemail, or put a note in School Dismissal Manager.

It's important to me to hear from you. I put great effort into reaching you in multiple ways.

If I don't hear from you, I will keep trying!

STEM Needs Some Recyclables

If you have any of the following items please send them into the front office. Thank you for considering any of the following donation:

  • shoe boxes
  • toilet paper rolls
  • bottles with caps (of any size)
  • cotton balls
  • Q Tips
  • popsicle sticks
  • foil
  • masking tape
  • tissue paper
  • straws (any size)
  • solo cups (any size)

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What We Learned this Week in SEL

Kindergarten: Emotion Management - What Are They Feeling?

  • Students will be able to label feelings using behavioral and contextual clues and demonstrate a way to feel calm.

First Grade: Emotion Management - Feeling Frustrated

  • Students will be able to name a reason for why they think someone feels frustrated.

Second Grade: Emotion Management - Different Feelings

  • Students will be able to recognize that people can have different feelings about the same situation because of their experiences.
Third Grade: Emotion Management - Strength of Feelings
  • Students will be able to recognize differences between levels of intensity of similar emotions.

Fourth Grade: Emotion Management - What Is Rethinking?

  • Students will be able to use questions to help them rethink given situations.

Would you like more information on Social Emotional Learning?

Visit the HSE District Sites to read more, or follow the links below:

Big picture
Big picture

Link to HSE District Substitute Teacher Information Page

NWEA Testing

North West Educational Assessment (NWEA) testing is administered multiple times per year for all K-8 HSE students. During the months of December and January, the winter NWEA testing assesses student skills and provides actionable data for Reading and Mathematics. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff observe students daily to understand individual achievement and growth.

This winter window of testing will also be used in part to identify students in need of high ability services. Students may also be identified for high ability services during the spring window of testing in May. More information about identification for high ability services can be found on the HSE Schools website.

New for 2021, NWEA has developed an extension to our typical reading assessment for grades K-2. This winter, students will test as noted below.

· December 1-17 NWEA Oral Reading Fluency and Dyslexia Screener for grade K-2

· December 1-17 NWEA Reading and Math Growth Testing for grades K-8

*NWEA has a modified assessment for second grade students who score at or under grade level benchmark. Your student’s report may reflect that modification.

Please know quarantines, absences and retests may affect individual classroom schedules. Reports from NWEA to share student growth targets and percentile performance will be sent home in late January once all testing and make-up testing is completed.

Mudsock Youth Athletics News - Spring Program Registration

Mark your Calendars! Registration for spring baseball, softball, soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, rugby and track and field opens January 1st at Season information including divisions and program fees will be updated on our site at the end of December. Need a refresher over our registration periods? Find them here.

Community Insider

Looking for local events? Check out HSE’s Community Insider (CI). The CI is a resource for both HSE families and community partners. It not only provides a space to post information about events, camps, and other educational programs. It also offers the opportunity to find upcoming activities in and around Hamilton County.