The Penderwicks

by Gracie, Chelsea, and Ana

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

This is a summer tale about four sisters named Rosalind , Skye , Jane , and Batty .When they are on vacation at the Arundel cottage and they meet meet a boy named Jeffry. They have fun adventures every day . But most of the time they get in trouble. One day the the girls were wandering around with Jeffrey. They found a gate and Batty thought there were horses so she crawled inside. Instead a bull came running after her , after all the Penderwick sisters and Jeffrey saved her. There were 2 bunnies named Yaz and Carla, they were Cagney's bunnies . Another character is Cagney , he was the gardener of snooty Mrs.Tiftons mansion. One day batty went to Cagney's apartment to give the bunnies carrots . She opened the screen door and Yaz ran out . But hound (the penderwicks dog) saved him.

On the last day of their vacation Jeffry decided to run away. Everybody said goodbye and Jeffry left.

You can find out more in the book.


Arundell Hall

This is Arundel Hall. It is a very famous mansion. The Penderwick sisters arrived there for vacation. Jeffry and his mother live there.

The author

This is Jeanne Birdsall.

We think that she is a great author. She has many other adventures with the Penderwicks.


We would reccomend mend this book because we guaranteed that you will love it. So do we.