Protect our desks!

Join desk watchers and protect our desks today!

Be a helping hand!

Desks all around the world are being abused everyday! Why not be a huge help in it and begin cleaning desks near you! Their is always a desk in need!

How to clean a desk

If it's in marker:

  1. Get a rag and some cleaner
  2. Spray desk with cleaner
  3. Take rag and clear the whole desk
If in pencil:

  1. Get an eraser
  2. Erase mark

Contact and Questions

Why do people vandalize desks?

People believe that it is cool to vandalize desks, so people do it just to fit in with everyone else

Why make Desk Watchers?

Because without desk watchers desks do not have a voice. They are helpless and cannot defend themselves. Now with desk watchers people can protect desks from this abusive world

Contact desk watchers!

We are always int rested in seeing peoples clean ups and abusive desk. Contact us in anyway provided here