A&M - College Station, Texas

College/Trade School Research Project

School Spirit !

The mascot is a dog, a reveille.

The school colors are maroon and white.

It is one of the largest campuses among the nation. In the late 1800s, it was mostly open only for white men. Then, it was also open to women.

You can get involved in 1. a sorority, 2. males can be yell leaders (they don't have cheerleaders), and 3. you can be apart of the student government.

Something interesting about this college is how it has so many students, almost 60,000 now and over 400,000 former students worldwide! There is also 4 different places where it is. Also, combined, it has 398 choices of which degrees you want to pursue!

Money :/

In state tuition costs around $47,920.

The deadline for financial aid is the 30th of June.

With the profession like business and want I want to pursue, I can get 50,000-54,000 dollars per year.

MY Choices :)

My first choice for a major is something to do with business. I am not completely sure what, or what business I want to do. My second choice for a major is maybe a vet or something to do with animals since I love them so much.

With my degree, i will try to find a job that is right for me and where I like to work.

I chose this school because 1. lots of my family went here and it is kind of like a tradition for people to go here, 2. there is a LOT of school spirit, and 3. I feel like I could learn best from this school rather than others.


1. You must be the top 10% of your class.

2. You have to complete A&M's required course work.

3. You have to have a combined SAT score of at least 1300, with at least 600 in both the math and critical reading parts.

4. In the ACT test, you have to have at least a 30 with at least a 27 in the math and english parts.