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Newsletter #1


How are you doing today?

Do you know that AIESEC has a new website which is the AIESEC EXPERIENCE

In order to increase the number of login from the members of LC UTM we need you to follow these few steps:

  1. For those who haven't login the, Search the inbox of your AIESEC email with the subject of “Welcome to AIESEC!” from AIESEC International.
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2. For those who already set up their password, you can jump to step 6.

3. You will see a post regarding setting up a password.
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4. Next, we need you to click the SETUP PASSWORD to activate your new account. Make sure you complete this step in order to ensure a success in log in later.

5. After you have setup your password you shall login into the website with your AIESEC Email ID and the Password you have setup just now.

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6. After logged in, we need you to update your profile.
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Please ensure to update your

  • Skills
  • Language
  • Background
  • Contacts
  • Profile Picture
  • Anything that is necessary

7. After you have finished updating, please send me Yasmin Zahir a message to indicate that you have successfully created your profile.

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For Example :

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Please ensure to completely set up your profile by:

Deadline: 10 December 2014

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Shall there be any questions or problems about this task, you can approach me

Yasmin Zahir through :