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Week of October 17


Thank you for your flexibility this week as we have had some unique scenarios come up in the schedule. I appreciate how hard you work on taking care of our kiddos in my absence! I never worry one moment about our classrooms when I am off campus.

I've done a lot of reflection this week and I feel that I have come to the realization that I need to streamline some things for us as a campus. We have used so many protocols thus far....1st 30 days, writing across the curriculum, math focus walks and it could do on and on. I've seen the greatest amount of inconsistency across our campus this year and I feel it's attributed to the scattered focus I have had and the district has had. I'll be working in the next week to create a more clearly focused walk through form that will encompass the core of our campus - our Problem of Practice - as it supports the other items we are sometimes presented with. Plainly said, it's time to protect our Problem of Practice and not get side-tracked by the ancillary items. (That last sentence is really for me.) I believe in you all as teachers and I believe in what we've built here at Tidwell. Thank you for trusting me through this process.

Have a good weekend,


This week at Tidwell:

Monday, Oct 17

PTA Exec Board 3:30pm (conf rm)

Parent Conference Night 4:30-7:30

Tennis @ BNHS

Tuesday, Oct 18

Barker @ Transformation in Action

Fball vs Keller MS (7th Keller MS / 8th Texan Stadium)

Wednesday, Oct 19

7th/8th AVID Field Trip to STEAM Carnival

Thursday, Oct 20

Barker @ DLT

8th grade - PSAT

Volleyball vs Pike (7th home/8th away)

OLC Dedication

Friday, Oct 21

Faculty Mtg - 8:00 (library) Dr. Warren

School pictures

Monster Ball 6:00-8:00 (café)

Important Information

  • Friday will be a Faculty Mtg where Dr. Warren will be visiting us. Please make plans to come get your breakfast taco at 7:45 so that we will begin promptly at 8:00. If Dr. Warren finishes early, you will have your Team Mtgs at that time.
  • Friday is School Picture Day...feel free to wear jeans, but dress nicely on top. (No school tshirts for pictures) Students will be going to the small gym for pictures via their Social Studies classes. (1st 15 min - 6th grade, 2nd 15 min - 7th grade and last 15 min - 8th grade)
  • RTI Referral Link here.
  • Remember that Gatlin set up a Google form so that students can sign in to tutorials by entering their id number. This will automatically send the parents an email notifying them that their child has attended tutorials. In addition, it creates a log for you as well. This is a great tool that we should all be utilizing.
  • Please remember that no funds (cash or checks) should remain in your classrooms overnight for any reason.
  • ioEducation news! You have the ability to upload your own evidence towards TTESS by hovering over the 'gear shift' in your ioEducation file. Give it a try!
  • As each department/grade level takes a CBA, please place a hard copy in my box. I'm working to be more active in reviewing the CBA alongside the data.
  • If you have a great way to give feedback to your students in your classrooms, please email/text a picture to me. I'd love to see it!

PLC Hauntings

This week you will be in fully integrated PLCs.

October 17What opportunities do our students have for peer dialogue and academic discussion?

Task: Using the Tiered Question Chart from ICLE (attached to the initial email), discuss its use and value in planning intentional lesson design.

How might this resource be of use as we structure our critical thinking questions? What are some ways we can ensure all students have the opportunity to critically think? How do we avoid letting anyone “off the hook?”

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Guess the STAFF!

This week's Guess the Staff has two very unique opportunities to win. Tweet using the hashtag #titansdidwhat? to win a gift card.

1) This staff member spent time in Mongolia teaching English to orphans.

2) This staff member set fire to an acre of land one July 4th.