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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Book Orders

March/April book orders are due TOMORROW!


The kids will be testing this coming Thursday and Friday. The testing session begins first thing in the morning. Kids are encouraged to bring gum and also a water bottle. They can't leave the room without an escort during the testing window that lasts from about 9:00-11:30. Due to the testing, our regular schedule will be off a bit. The kids will go to recess and lunch a little bit later than usual and our math block will be cut to about 45 minutes.

I will be giving the kids some free time after the test is complete on both Thursday and Friday. They are welcome to bring in a board game or card game. Chromebooks will be in test mode and will be off limits for any use other than testing. I think it's important for the kids to chat with their classmates and relax a little. They will be tired.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are cruising near the end of Module 5. I'm planning to review and assess around April 10th. That way we'll be finished before Spring Break. The kids were busy learning about line plots this week. They had two opportunities to create them as well. We ended the week adding and subtracting mixed numbers. When subtracting, the kids often need to rename the first mixed number by pulling a whole from the number and giving it to the fraction part. They were really good at that by the end of the week!


Writing ~ During the upcoming week the kids are going to begin to plan their Hero's Journey fiction piece. I'm planning on giving the kids the choice on how they want to plan. They can choose from a traditional plan or more of a storyboard option where they sketch their story!

Reading ~ Small groups are still going great! It's definitely a favorite part of my day! We are also fighting the Revolutionary War using George vs George.

Picture Book Friday ~ Nicole is pictured below! She entertained us with Robots. Looking for a boy for Friday!

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During the last week the kids were able to test some objects and determine if they were conductors or insulators. They also found mystery circuits and had the opportunity to make predictions on whether circuits would work based on a drawing and then they actually tested. During this week, we'll sneak in parallel and series circuits.


Kids need to be prepared with bathing suits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week!


Band and Orchestra ensembles will meet Tuesday and lessons will be on Wednesday!
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Dates to Remember

April 4&5 ~ NYS ELA Assessment

April 8 ~ Yearbook Orders Due

April 15-19 ~ Spring Break, No School

May 2&3 ~ NYS Math Assessment

May 21 ~ Genesee Country Museum Trip

June 24 ~ Onanda Park