Technology @ High Point, vol. 14

Tech for teaching and learning in our new space

Fill Your Toolbox!

Well-implemented technology gives classroom staff loads of tools for teaching students with a broad range of learning styles. The time investment in learning new technology will make teaching easier and assist students in advocating for their life-long learning. This newsletter PD is intended to help you learn new technologies at High Point a little bit at a time, slowly filling up your teaching toolbox throughout this chaotic school year.

This Week's Tech Feature:

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Elmo Document Camera

The Elmo OX-1 Document Camera allows you to share a live video feed to a large screen so students can see it. Materials to be shared can include worksheets, story books, math manipulatives, student work on a Boogie Board, science experiments, photos, and so much more. You can use the Elmo as a Zoom camera alone or flip between the Elmo and your webcam. You can share the live video to a computer or BenQ board or Zoom call.

Who is it for?

A document camera is a great tool for:

  • Sharing info for the entire class to see
  • Enlarging items for students with a vision impairment
  • Sharing materials over a Zoom call

Setup Instructions

Elmo OX-1 Document Camera Manual

The Elmo camera is wonderfully portable so you can fold it down and carry it home in a bag if you need to teach virtually from home. Or fold it up and store it in a closet when not being used. There is a thumb screw at the base of the camera that can be tightened if it is moving too easily and falling at that joint. The camera head swivels more than 180 degrees to allow for all angles of recording.

There are 2 buttons on the Elmo camera. The white, circular button on the top of the Elmo turns on and off a LED light to brighten your pictures. The orange button is for auto focus. Press it to focus your video.

Plug the Elmo USB cable into the Elmo and the computer. The camera automatically powers on when it is plugged in. It does not require any software to be installed so it is easy to set it up quickly on any machine with internet access. Visit the ImageMate +C website on the same computer the camera is plugged in to view the feed: See below for a description of all the markup buttons on the website. You can markup the live video or saved videos and images on your computer.

Big picture

Share the Windows screen to the BenQ board for the entire class to see what's on the Elmo camera.

When on Zoom calls, there are 3 ways you can share the video from your Elmo camera plugged in to the USB jack:

  1. Switch your camera to the Elmo by clicking on the caret next to the "Stop Video" button on your Zoom screen and selecting the "OX-1" camera.
  2. In your Zoom window select "Share Screen." Click on the "Advanced" tab and select "Content from 2nd Camera" which has an icon of a document camera. Click "Share." This view will show what is on your document camera There is a "Switch Camera" icon in the upper left corner of your screen so you can quickly switch back to computer webcam and then back to the Elmo whenever needed.
  3. Visit the ImageMate +C website to see the live feed from your webcam. In your Zoom call share your screen with the website up. You will be able to use the mark-up tools on the website during the Zoom call.

The video below shows you how to do #1 & 3 above.

Using an ELMO Document Camera in an Online Meeting


The Elmo can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes, but avoid the camera lens to keep your picture clear. If the lens gets dirty, wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth.

The Elmo must be powered by a USB jack so there are no batteries or charging to worry about.

Ideas for Using This Tech in the Classroom