New America

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Leaders: any leader of this country from senates to judges to presidents get voted in by the people. With the president, the citizens have the most say on the candidates.

Decisions: As a whole, Congress will make decisions like the do today.

Power: Because Congress makes bigger decisions, the President and citizens will be able to interfere when it seems necessary. When Congress votes on laws, there has to be a 4/5 vote to pass it.

The People: The people's views will be seriously evaluated since the government exists to make them safe and happy. As a state, with a 4/5 vote, you will be able to contact Congress with concerns and issues that may be interfering with the governing of the people.

Money: The government will be raising money off of resources that the country can provide and sell to other countries. This can be from agriculture to mining.

Order: The country will maintain order by using punishments where it is necessary like today's country. When citizens endanger others, punishments like tickets, jail, and others will be used for justice.

Values: In New America, it will be important that the citizens practice racial and gender equality. Family will also be important to the country as well as religion for those who prefer it, while religion and government will never be mixed. Another value is that the people will have to work for what they want and that no one will be given something that others have to work hard for.

Public Services: Some public services will be homes for homeless or abused people which will provide them will opportunities to get back on their feet. Education and military will also be a public service to the people.

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