Celebrating Clarenceville!

CCR and Technology Integration- Two Innovative Practices

Many wonderful initiatives have occurred at Clarenceville Schools this year. As you may know, technology integration and Close and Critical Reading (CCR) are just two aspects that teachers and students have been working on during the 2014-2015 school year.

We don’t always have an opportunity to learn about the great work that our colleagues are doing across the district. In this issue, we’d like to celebrate some of the instructional activities that have been taking place in relation to technology integration and Close and Critical Reading.

What is Close and Critical Reading (CCR)?

For those unfamiliar with Close and Critical Reading (CCR), it is a reading strategy that asks students to deepen their understanding of complex texts by responding to four questions: Question 1- What does the text say? Question 2-How does the text say it? Question 3-What does the text mean? Question 4-What does the text mean to me? In other words, students summarize what they read, analyze how the author presents the information, interpret the deeper meaning, and connect that meaning to their lives.

What is Technology Integration?

Technology integration is the use of technology tools and resources with daily classroom practices and management of a school. Successful technology integration is the ability to combine the physical tech tools with solid curriculum knowledge and strong pedagogical skills. Technology integration at it’s finest is when a student or teacher doesn’t stop to think about how they are using a tech tool or device- it is just second nature. Technology should be an integral part of the classroom experience. Willingness to embrace technology and continually learn is another component to successful technology integration. As you walk through the halls of any Clarenceville Schools building, technology integration is evident due to our teachers providing 21st century, real-world learning experiences for students.
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Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a framework to understand and describe the kinds of knowledge needed by a teacher for effective pedagogical practice in a technology enhanced learning environment.

Teachers and Students in Action!


Students in Lana Schultz’s second-grade classroom at Botsford Elementary reviewed highlighting text features.
Jennifer Egli, first-grade teacher at Grandview Elementary, asked Allyson Dewar to film her class as Jennifer taught a Guided Highlighted Reading lesson. Students went on to summarize the text (CCR Question 1) .
Egli Lesson 1 Description and Intro
Egli Lesson
Mrs. Egli’s students enjoyed seeing themselves in the first video that they were eager to participate in another. This time the focus was on text features (CCR Question 2).
Egli Lesson 2

Technology Integration

Jennifer Oldani, Clarenceville Middle School Math teacher, participated in the first Clarenceville Tech Integration Spotlight. Next school year Allyson Dewar plans to visit classrooms across the district, highlighting educators using tech tools, resources and best practices so others can view what is happening in the district and can also try out what they see! Check out Jennifer using Plickers, a great formative assessment tool!
CLV Tech Integration Spotlight 1
Stefan Terpack, Grandview Elementary teacher, presented at the fall Teacher to Teacher Tech Rally put on by Oakland Schools, Field Services South. His session titled "All My Kids Do Is Want to Watch Movies" showcased how he uses iMovie in the classroom with students. Educators from all over Oakland County were very impressed!
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Kimberly Williams, Botsford Elementary Teacher, presented at the Oakland Schools/Wayne RESA joint Library Media Leadership Council annual meeting. Kim shared how she uses a variety of digital formative assessment tools in class with her students. Her session was well received and informative for all!
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Sarai Stetson and Clarenceville Middle School Students participated in the Student Technology Showcase held at the Lansing Capitol Building in January. This opportunity is designed for districts to demonstrate how they are using technology in the classroom to support learning. Clarenceville was selected through an application process. Students showed off their VEX robots and stop-animation films created with the LEGO Movie Maker app.

School and Classroom Happenings!

Check out some of the great CCR happenings in Clarenceville!
CCR in the Classroom
Check out a few of our many Clarenceville "techies"!
Clarenceville Tech Integration

Recap of the Year and What's Next!

Close and Critical Reading Recap

The Close and Critical Reading (CCR) strategy was rolled out question by question during the first semester of 2014 during PD sessions at each of the district’s four schools. Follow-up coaching occurred the Thursday after the PD, when teachers could meet with the CCR coach to ask questions, collaborate on planning, schedule a classroom visit, or ask for a demonstration lesson. It was exciting to talk with teachers at all levels as they integrated CCR into their classroom practice. Many teachers found innovative ways to teach their students the components of CCR while other realized they had been teaching the strategy all along!

Baseline data for all students was gathered in the fall, and in February, students were given a mid-year assessment. After the mid-year scores were entered into Google Sheets, teachers were able to participate in Data Dialogues that took place in February and March of 2015. By comparing the baseline data with the mid-year scores, grade-level teams developed Action Plans for the rest of the year.These discussions enriched teacher understanding and provided valuable insights into the CCR process with the aim of increasing student growth.

During the spring, CCR Leadership teams were created in each building to revise the current rubrics for the CCR questions and to develop a building implementation plan for 2015-2016. The teams worked diligently to improve the rubrics so they would be more user-friendly. At the elementary level, the rubrics were compared with the Common Core State Standards to provide students with the most aligned documents to support their learning. Over the summer, these leadership teams will meet to complete their work. Throughout the year, Clarenceville teachers have persevered in their efforts to help all students achieve!

Looking ahead to the fall, teachers will continue practicing CCR in their

classrooms using the “Gold Standard,”a guide that helps teachers utilize the strategy with fidelity. Additionally, staff will reach out to students and parents to get their feedback on the CCR initiative.

Technology Integration Recap

My name is Allyson Dewar and I am a Technology Integration Specialist with Oakland Schools, Field Services South. Currently, I partner with Royal Oak Schools, Clawson Public Schools and spend every Thursday in Livonia Clarenceville. I just wrapped up my first year working with Clarenceville. In this short amount of time, the district has made tremendous strides and the future is so very exciting! Device wise, all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers have an iPad and Apple TV. 190 Chromebooks were pushed out to the elementary schools and middle school. Oakland Schools donated Mac desktop computers to the district that were no longer being used at their tech campuses. There is now a Mac Lab at the middle school and high school. Technology is readily available to educators and students in Clarenceville, making the district stand out amongst its peers. Clarenceville Schools is a K-12 Google Apps for Education District. Students and educators are using their Google tools to increase efficiency, collaboration and engagement. Middle school and high school educators participated in the 22i TRIG Classroom Readiness Professional Development Program which builds capacity to assist educators in planning and implementing the best practices and technology required to support 21st century learning. A new district website was rolled out this past winter. This new website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and provides up-to-date information for all Clarenceville stakeholders. A big THANKS to Linda VanTassel for managing the website. All Clarenceville educators are currently working on creating a profile page on this new website that will provide a teacher bio, picture and relevant class information. Clarenceville also formed a new district technology team this year. This team is comprised of district teachers, administration and Oakland Schools Technology Department members. The technology team focuses on developing means to improve student achievement through the infusion of technology into the learning process. Throughout the year I met with teachers one-on-one,conducted building visits dedicating the entire day to that specific building staff and participated in after school Thursday PD. This “shoulder-to shoulder”work time with Clarenceville educators was extremely benefical for all, especially for our students, and I look forward to continually building strong, meaningful relationships!

This summer, the Oakland Schools Technology Integration Team will be providing numerous technology professional development opportunities throughout the county and in Clarenceville for district educators and administration. These small scale sessions will provide participants with new ideas, concepts and tools to start off the new school year with a bang!

Looking Ahead…

2015-2016 proves to be very exciting. The kickoff to the school year will begin for teachers on Tuesday September 1, 2015 with Clarenceville’s own “Trojan Tech Huddle” happening in the afternoon at Clarenceville High School. This first ever event will have district teachers leading sessions and sharing with their colleagues on how they utilize technology in their classrooms! Students throughout the district will be encouraged to Bring Their Own Device to enhance academic instruction, take control of their own learning and have access to information at their fingertips. Next school year, I will be in district two days instead of one which I am tremendously excited about! This extra time will allow for leading Thursday PD, conducting building visits, working with teachers/grade-level groups/specific subject areas, and collaborating closely with the Curriculum Department. Go Trojans!

Please contact us if if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Allyson Dewar

Technology Integration Specialist, Oakland Schools




Mary Mathews

CCR Consultant/Instructional Coach


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Space does not allow us to include every picture in this newsletter. We look forward to next year as you continue to provide us more opportunities to record the wonderful things that are happening in Clarenceville.