Its the place to be!

Come visit today!

Earth is an amazing planet and you should really consider traveling here! There is many great travel places like the rain forest, the desert, and you can even visit the penguins in the arctic! You might want to bring a jacket though! The earth looks like a ball of green and blue splotches from above, but it is beautiful when you arrive! We only have one moon, but this moon does many great things! You should come see it! Did you know that earth is the largest of the terrestrial planets! It is also three planets from the sun! Earth is, in my opinion, the best place you could ever travel! See you real soon!

Amazing Facts about Earth!

There are seven continents and the earth is 3,959 miles in total! The definition of earth is the planet in which we live, the world, so it is a pretty great travel destination! Most scientists believe that Earths most unique feature is us! If you want to see a human you should stop by sometime! Keep reading if you want to learn more about the science of the Earth!

The Science!

Did you know that the reason we have seasons is the tilt of the Earth! The way the Earth is tilted impacts if it is the middle of winter or the heat of summer! Rotation occurs when the Earth or the moon turns all the way around or it spins on its axis one time! When a planet travels one time around an object is called a revolution. The sun radiates much of our energy, but only a little of it actually hits the earth! This is enough energy for our everyday uses. Earth is spherical because it overcomes rigid forces to assume a hydro-static equilibrium. A light year is the distance it takes light to travel in one year! Did you know that the earth was formed by a cloud of gas and dust distributing causing a supernova to explode!

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