Free the animals from the humans!!

Continue the life you have and die unhappy or Join us!

I understand you have a big decision but this will benefit you in great ways.

Think of it in this way when you are out working for the humans you are trapped working with bits in your mouth and getting whipped. We don't whip and will guarantee

you will have a better meal and in a bigger proportions. Why stay where you are and get feed less rather than a bigger meal and be appreciated.

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If you do not join us!!!!!

If you refuse to join you will still get the worst amount of food and not be appreciated.

Why would you want to continue to get whipped and miss treated this is not they way.

The ways you are treated right now is bad forget the humans and them being rude and not liking you and hurting and working you to the bone. Don't let your self live in fear of the humans this is not the way.