Steam Boats

Asking Price- $6000 to $125,000


-You would be able to use the steam boat to get you and your things across the river.

-Upper class .75 per mile

- Middle class .50 per mile

- Lower class .25 per mile


-While your on the steam boat it could sink.

-A fundemental design trait of most steam boats was a shallow, flat hull to privide buoyancy in just a few feet of water.


In 1769, the stcotsman james watt patented an improved version of the steam engine thats ushered in the industrial revolution. The steam powerd to propel boats occured to inventors soon after the potential of watts new engine became known.

Who invented the steam boats?

Before Robert Fulton's experiments were begun, a number of inventors on both sides of the Atlantic were engaged in the work, and that some progress had been made; so much, in fact, that the outcome could hardly be doubted. Papin had, early in the eighteenth century, as we have seen, actually built a steamboat; Jonathan Hulls, in 1737, secured British patents on another form; William Henry had put his little boat on the Conastoga River in 1763; the Comte d'Auxiron had launched a steamer on French waters in 1774.

How does it relate to ND?

The stteam boats had a great impact on scocitey. It help the growth of jobs and hepled america grow.
Sinking Simulator - Small 1800's Steamer