save the trees!!


Stop cutting down all the trees

If you cut down trees, your pretty much saying you don't need to breathe. Trees help with oxygen, and it's getting harder to breathe with more and more trees being cut down. And that's also home and food for millions of animals who eat leaves and bark. Everything is going electronic anyway, so stop using the "textbook" excuse.

We need more trees cut down

While other people think we should save trees, there are some who believe that we need to cut down more trees. Because without trees cut down, how are we going to have toilet paper? Or if we want to read an actual book instead of going onto 'Nook'. And its not that we are cutting down all the trees, did you think that you might be eating all the animals?

My Thoughts...

I honestly think we should save the trees, because we need them.

  1. Shade in the summer
  2. Homes and food for animals
  4. And a lot of other reasons...

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