January Newsletter

Message from the C4S Program Coordinator!

Welcome back Advice Gurus! We hope you had a fun, relaxing, and safe holiday break. We have lots of exciting events planned for you in the upcoming months! Check out what's going on:

Writing Workshop

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 1-2pm

Dillon Hall Room 267

  • Citing and Referencing - Learn how to cite and reference sources. Learn about the University of Windsor's policy on Academic Integrity and get an in-depth introduction to APA, MLA and Chicago.

For full event details and to RSVP, please CLICK HERE

Dinner and a Movie

Friday, Jan. 30th, 4:15-10pm

Boston Pizza and Cineplex Odeon (Devonshire Mall)

Please join us for an evening of food and cinema! Dinner will take place at Boston Pizza (4450 Walker Rd, Windsor ON) starting at 4:00PM, followed by a screening of Taken 3 at Cineplex Odeon, Devonshire Mall (3100 Howard Ave, Windsor ON).

For full event details and to RSVP, please CLICK HERE

Finding a Summer Job Workshop - RSVP Below!

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 6-7pm

Dillon Hall, Room 351

Join a Career Services Advisor as they go over some tips and tricks to assist you with how to effectively look for a summer job. This will include resume writing tips, as well as resources on how and where to apply. While the focus is on Summer Jobs, the fundamental information can be applied to any job search.

For full event details and to RSVP, please CLICK HERE

STEPS Workshop: Effective Reading Strategies

Monday, Feb. 23rd, 4-5pm

Dillon Hall, Room 267

Books, notes, additional readings, papers mounting… so much to read and learn in such a short time! Don’t fret; you’ll learn how to read effectively and how to find the important points you need to remember.

Learning outcomes - students who attend to this session will be able to:

  1. Describe and choose an effective reading environment
  2. Reproduce the SQ4R reading method
  3. Explain the importance of reading before class

RSVP will be available soon!

STEPS Workshop: Strategic Note Taking

Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 5-6pm

Dillon Hall, Room 267

Taking quick and meaningful notes is not always easy. Learn effective ways to write faster and focus on those points that your professor wishes you to remember.

Learning outcomes - students who attend to this session will be able to:

  1. Apply and demonstrate active listening skills during class
  2. Organize class notes that highlight important concepts, in-class questions, and reflection
  3. Take notes that serve as a study tool for exam preparation
  4. Outline the Cornell Note Taking system

RSVP will be available soon!

Beating the Winter Blues with Yoga

It has been shown that Yoga is beneficial for college students, especially as a form of motivation and encouragement for us to do well in our studies and for a healthy mind and body in the long term.

Benefits include:

  1. Improves your concentration and refreshes your mind through gently exercising the muscles of your brain and body
  2. Reconnect with your inner self through deep breathing exercises and clear away the stresses of your mind
  3. Stretch away the tense muscles and strengthen the body for endurance

The University of Windsor offers Mind and Body Classes through Campus Recreation in the areas of Yoga, Pilates, and Essentrics. You can learn about the different yoga poses and their meanings to help you battle the harsh ways of university life and lower down the stress.

Recently, Connecting4Success raffled off FREE Mind and Body classes to 10 lucky mentees! Thank you to all who participated in the draw. If you are still interested in joining a class, visit their website to see what each class has to offer at

Yoga for the Winter Blues
POP Pilates for Beginners - Total Body Workout

Cozy Winter Recipes

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Study Playlists

"Some students can study effectively with music playing, while others are distracted by any outside stimulus." Researchers suggest trying this method out to see if it works for you, so we wanted to provide you with a collection of great playlists to start out with!