Original Greek Goddess


The Goddess of Sorrow and Darkness: Malphascene

Malphascene, the younger sister to Aphrodite. Dispite her powers bringing sorrow to those, she is very pretty, much like her sister. With long black hair and fair skin. 


Malphascene brings the Darkness and sorrow to others. No, not evil. With her sister being the Goddess of beauty she grasped the attention of the other Gods and Goddesses, leaving Malphascene with little attention. Jealous, she is the one who causes people to feel jealousy, depression, and sorrow. She can cause rain storms, and dreary fog.


Though she is known on Mt. Olympus, she spends much of her time with Hades. Baring only one child; daughter, Lunamest, Goddess of night. Much like Helios, Lunamest flies the moon across the sky, rather than the sun.