FCISD Academic Affairs

August 2021

WOW! Here we go 2021-2022 school year!

Thank you for kicking off a great first week of 2021-2022!

We are thankful each of you are here and know you will be a great part of The Whirlwind Effect!

What is our WHY?

FCISD strives to ensure ALL individuals become productive, life-long learners.

We are dedicated to education...committed to excellence.

Through our partnership with CEN, FCISD strives for

  • a vision of college and career focus to break generational poverty,
  • provide affordable education and high expectations for educational attainment, and
  • transform educator development to strengthen a spirit of innovation in educational best practice and advance rural school research, faculty preparation, reward, and professional development.

Curriculum Resource

FCISD is committed to ensuring effective instructional practice in the classroom! As a Collegiate Edu-Nation district, we implement the Common Instructional Framework.

Here is a great resource you can download and/or print to help find effective strategies aligned to the Common Instructional Framework.

As we begin internal rounds for this year, administrators will be providing support and feedback around the Common Instructional Framework.

Objective Driven Daily Lesson Planning

When lesson planning, keep in focus the readiness standards that students need to master! Focus instruction, activities, and support around those critical knowledge and skills.

Communicate the daily objective (derived from the readiness standard) with students so they know what they are learning for the day, and you know it is directly aligned to the readiness standard (TEK)!

Have a way to collect evidence of learning (aka EXIT TICKET) for what you expected students to learn! Use this information to determine if they got it or not and inform future planning/lessons!

Big picture
Big picture

AVID Strategy-Focused Note-Taking

Here is a great video to help students and teachers understand and learn focused note-taking! Ms. Emert used it to help prepare her dual credit Chemistry students for taking and using notes in a college class!

As more students will be taking dual credit, it would be a great resource for any teacher to watch or use with students to anchor the FNT process. It may be an option for all of one subject area to work through with students. Think about it with your PLC team.

If you watch it at school, you will need to use the Filter Bypass.


AVID Open Access has note-taking templates, graphic organizers, and other great resources! CHECK IT OUT HERE!