Annual Franklin Fundraiser

Friday, September 6, 2019

Kickoff Assembly: Monday, September 9

Why a Fundraiser?

Cedar Rapids' middle schools have annually participated in a fundraiser to raise money for a number of activities that occur in and out of the school day. This has typically been done in a fashion where students are selling items; mainly magazines. While there's still a need for additional funds to provide the wonderful opportunities to our students, the way we fund raise this year is a little different. Students will no longer be selling items, but reaching out to family members and friends asking for monetary donations. There are still a number of incentives that go along with this fundraiser and all that information is included below.

We hope each child/family can participate in this opportunity to give back to our students. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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What does our fundraiser support?

Funds from our fundraising program are used in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples of the ways our monies are being put to use for your students:

  • Art Club: (Supplies)
  • Lego Robotics: (Supplies, Team entries for contests, other related expenses)
  • Science Olympiads: (Supplies, Team entries for contests, other related expenses)
  • Franklin Buddies: (Supplies related to the activities done by this group)
  • Drama/Musical: (Supplies, equipment, and other cost related to performance expenses)
  • Jazz Band: (Contest fees, equipment not covered under district funding, additional music, extra travel expenses)
  • Orchestra: (Contest fees, equipment not covered under district funding, additional music, travel expenses)
  • Illumination: (Contest fees, equipment not covered under district funding, additional music, travel expenses, uniforms)
  • Technology Purchases (Project Lead the Way supplies, PE, resources to assist in classroom throughout the building)
  • Student Council: (Workshop expenses, registration fees, community service projects)
  • Assemblies: (Special presentations from outside groups for all grade levels)
  • Grade Level: (Allocations for awards and all grade/team activities)
  • PBIS: (Building wide rewards, supplies, materials)
  • Year Book: (Printing and supplies related to publication)
  • Curriculum: (Materials that go above and beyond the standard curriculum used or for extensions of classwork)
  • Athletic teams: (Replacement of uniforms, equipment, and materials)
  • Library: (Supplies and materials above and beyond the supported district budget)

Fundraiser Information

Step It Up Kids- Fundraising Experience

Important Fundraiser Dates

See the dates below regarding important dates for our fundraiser.

  • Monday, September 9: All-School Kickoff Assembly
  • Tuesday, September 10: Golden Ticket Turn-in Day @ Lunch
  • Monday, September 23: All cash, checks, and online donations need to be submitted
  • Tuesday, October 15: Day of Awesomeness

Registering (Entering Texts/Emails)

REGISTER + ENTER TEXTS / EMAILS TONIGHT! Set up your child’s personal donation page and invite your friends and family to join our efforts by sending them a donation request.

Use this link to get started:

Golden Tickets

RETURN YOUR GOLDEN TICKET! TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH Enter TEN OR MORE Cell Phone Numbers / Email Addresses via your Personal Donation Page, and your student qualifies for the Golden Ticket Rewards and Drawings! Return the Golden Ticket to school TOMORROW to be part of the fun!!!

Students will return the bottom portion of the sheet. See the example below.

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Day of Awesomeness

CELEBRATE AT THE DAY OF AWESOMENESS! TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15TH. Students who collect $60 or more in donations will receive VIP Level attendance at our DAY OF AWESOMENESS celebration event on Tuesday, October 15TH! The more donations collected…the more rewards listed on our reward flyer your student earns!

Follow the link below for important handouts