Science Research Robert Jarvik

By Henry Bachman


Robert Jarvik was a genius. He created the Jarvik 7 which helped people live longer. Then later on he created the Jarvik 2000.

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  • Robert Jarvik was influenced by his dad
  • This is important because later on this influences him to create the Jarvik 7
  • Robert Jarvik didn't get a high enough college degree because he was so focused on life. That meant he couldn't Patton the Jarvik 7
  • While he invented the Jarvik 7 he went to Utah university to get a degree so he could Patton the Jarvik 7
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Proffesional Life

Robert Jarvik was very successful in his professional life. He created the Jarvik 7 and the Jarvik 2000 the updated more modern artificial heart. Robert Jarvik's Jarvik 7 & 2000 helped patients live longer. It also helped them pump there blood and prevent blood clots. This didn't just work on humans it worked on animals such as dogs.


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Robert Jarvik is one of the best scientist for this reason. Robert Jarvik is still living today. The Jarvik 7 & 2000 are still around as well.


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