Pride and Prejudice


Book Review

Tanner Crawford

English IV 6th

Mrs. Dearman

14 November 2013

Book Review (P&P)

Pride and Prejudice is a novel that entails marriage and the view, that the women of

this time period, had on marriage. The story included many relationships, both good and

bad, and most of them are for the wrong reasons. It also portrays how a prejudice of a

person can cause you to view other people in a completely different manner than you

would have before you actually get to meet them.

Elizabeth shows how her prejudice of Mr. Darcy affected her views by automatically

liking Mr. Wickham, for being the opposite of Mr. Darcy. The relationship of Mr. Darcy

and Elizabeth, though rough and ignorant, proved to be the only Good and true

relationship. They love each other for each other and not just for Money. Jane and Lydia

were not in good ones.

My personal opinion of the book is not very good. I did not like the book, because it

was a book about girls who had no sense about men and love. This book of

relationships and feelings could only be favored by extreme book lovers and women.

Modernized Scene

Tanner Crawford

English IV 6th

Mrs. Dearman

14 November 2013

Modernized scene

Mr. Collins: When I came here I knew you were the one for me, but before I go on about my feelings for you, I should explain why I want to marry you.

Elizabeth: Ugh…!

Mr. Collins: I want to marry you for three reasons, firstly being that it would make me look good in the church. Secondly, it would make me happier, and thirdly, which may be the most important, that Lady Catherine advises it. She told me to find a woman that was right for me and bring her back here. Enough about that, since I am inheriting the land, I chose you, cousin. I couldn’t live with myself if I did not choose one of the owner’s daughters. I can do nothing else, but show you my deep affection.

Elizabeth: Whoa Mr. Collins!

Mr. Collins: I know that you are not worth that much, but i will never speak of that again.

Elizabeth: You are trippin’, I haven’t even answered you yet. I will do that now, it was sweet what you said and i am honored but...No!

Mr. Collins: (will not take no for an answer)I won’t give up, I know most women will not accept a proposal the first time, but I know we will get married soon.

Elizabeth: Your hope is stupid. I was serious when i said no. We would not make each other happy.

Mr. Collins: I have a good life. You might never be asked again. You have to be joking about your rejection. I think you are just trying to increase my love for you.

Elizabeth: I am not playing games. Again i am honored by your proposal, but I have to say NO! Do I need to spell it out for you?