Semester Exam

Helene Sakovich

TAFE/TRAFLES and Ed Rising

T= Teaching. I assist my teacher, Mrs. Tanner, at Foster Village Elementary. I visit the school once or twice a week to observe new methods of teaching and learning.

R= Recreation. Our teacher, Mrs. Stevens, is going to host a small class party for us on December 17th. There will be breakfast foods and Secret Santa! We have to bring our own beverages, though.

A= Appreciation of Teacher. I sanded down a block of wood, stained it, and glued appreciative memos onto it. After drying, Mrs. Stevens tied bows on the blocks along with a thank you card. They turned out looking spectacular!

F= Fundraising. In our class, we had to sell at least three boxes of cookie dough. I came in first by selling sixteen of them! I picked my reward: A yard of Kit Kats. Totally worth it!

L= Leadership. On December 16th, I will be staying an hour and a half more than our usual time in site school.

E= Education Awareness. Officials from five different colleges visited out class and spoke to us about their campuses.Many of them had acceptable tuitions and wonderful, dedicated students.

S= Service Projects. I failed this portion, because I did nothing extra. I never remembered when the dates or times for the occasions were.

Photo Gallery: Field Site Reflection

- When I was introduced to the pre-k students on the first day, the kids seemed very amused that we have two people named 'Anna' now. Normally I'd go by my middle name, 'Helene', but that name is a bit difficult to pronounce!

- An interesting conversation occurred a few weeks after that:

Boy 1: "I have two balls!"

Boy 2: "I only have one..."

Girl: "I have a looot of balls!"

Boy 3: "I'm pretty sure you only have one..."

Needless to say, we have a very interesting bunch!

- Yesterday, (December 16th) I gave Mrs. Tanner her Christmas gift. She was psyched! She loved it, and seemed very impressed by the mod podge work I did. Awesome!

My Future As A Teacher

I've come to realize that I may not want to be a teacher. It isn't exactly my passion or dream career. I enjoy other activities much more, and :I plan to take classes for computer science now.

My dream school would probably have to be UNT. They have some of the best computer science technology and classes available!

Here is a link to that campus: UNT

My Portfolio

Here's another link for you; This is my electronic portfolio!