The Venture

B.M.M.M.O. / NABA Inc. Spring 2015

A good ending to an excellent year...

Starting during the spring semester of 2014 the newly elected executive members made sure to set challenging but tangible goals. With confidence I think we can say that we have achieved these goals, and kept the organization's presence intact on the Binghamton University campus. Something which we are all proud of for this year, is being able to create more awareness about our NABA Inc. chapter here on campus. We have recruited a significant amount of members and we are hoping that they will take advantage of the Eastern Regional Conference next fall. All throughout the year we were able to work with numerous professional firms which shows that we have made attempts to create vast networking opportunities for our general body members. Going into the next semester we hope to keep this on-going success as an organization.

Our Interns

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A major contribution to the events carried out during this spring semester came from our seven amazing interns. They have dedicated their time and effort to learn and take advantage of the experiences which we have offered. We, as executive board members, feel confident saying that we fulfilled our purpose with the intern program; those interns who decided to run for an executive board position during this year's elections are extremely prepared. From taking part in our weekly executive board meetings, to planning out our biggest events this semester they have an insight into the responsibilities of being a part of our organization.

Battle Through The Ages Game Show

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Together with our seven interns, we, the executive board of Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization, were able to successfully carryout our second annual game show. This year, entitled "Battle Through The Ages," the theme for the event revolved around the popular game shows from the 70's Era up until the 00's. A total of fourteen student ran Binghamton University organizations participated for the chance to win a grand price of $250.00 dollars. This year the contestants were challenged mentally and creatively rather than physically: teams of five faced-off for a chance to win at games such as The Price is Right, Wild N' Out, and Don't Forget the Lyrics.

Pictures of the event...

Spring Community Service

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P.U.L.S.E. Breast Cancer Walk

On Sunday April 26th we joined the ladies of P.U.L.S.E. and Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc. for their 5th Annual Breast Cancer Walk. We were greeted to a key note speaker; a breast surgeon from the local community, who spoke about many of the specifics and the misconceptions that are associated with breast cancer. A performance by Binghamton University A Capella group, "The Vibrations" warmed up the audience before heading out and commencing the walk. By participating in this walk we put into action our desire to give back and to stay involved with our local Binghamton University community.
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General Body Meetings

B.M.M.M.O. /NABA Inc. 17th Annual Luncheon

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Thank you all...

To those who attended specially our B.M.M.M.O. and NABA Inc. Alumni, thank you! After much planning and organizing we were able to carry out our 17th Annual Luncheon successfully. We started things off with a quick introduction and carried on with an interactive activity in which attendees were responsible for creating a building out of pieces of paper rubber bands and paper clips. We were then treated to breakfast, and words of wisdom from our keynote speaker: Jena Burgess. The floor was then opened up to questions for our panelists and we concluded the event by presenting multiple awards to Binghamton University Organizations and individuals. Overall we achieved our goal to attempt and engage ourselves in innovative thinking.

Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization