Digital Safety Tip: Mobile Devices

last updated 10/9/2020

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Online Safety On The Go
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Lock Your Device

  • Mobile devices should be locked with a passcode or pattern. Make the passcode/pattern something that you can remember, BUT is not easily guessed.

Safe Downloads

  • District-issued devices include the Self Service app (icon shown at left) for installing district approved apps.

  • Only install apps from the official app store for your device.

  • Read reviews before downloading & installing apps to help prevent malicious software from being installed.

System Updates

  • Make sure to keep your devices (personal and district-issued) updated to the latest software version. Software versions are pushed out to help fix errors in previous versions.

  • Keep apps updated to their latest versions to ensure the best experience and to prevent data loss. On apps installed from Self Service, tap Reinstall next to the app to update.

Wi-Fi Networks

  • Free wi-fi in public locations could be unsecured. Use caution when logging into accounts on these networks as anyone could access your data.

  • District-issued devices will automatically connect to GC5-ISE when in range of a district wifi access point.
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